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Russian Cultural Club "Erudite"



Magic Forest, 7-9

  • Fr. 6:30-8:00pm

The Erudite, 14-17

(604) 626-9903

Cambie Community Centre
Free parking

12800 Cambie Road
Richmond, B.C. V6V 0A9

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  • - My children no longer speak in their mother tongue to each other.
  • - My son cannot communicate with his grandma!
  • - My daughter makes four mistakes in a three-letter Russian word!
Can our children learn other languages without losing their mother tongue? Is Russian language really that important to preserve? These questions call for very personal answers. Our club is for those who answer "YES!"


Our Goals: We want to preserve Russian language and culture among young Russian-speaking Canadians. We want to help them make new friends and find new role models among Russian intelligentsia.

Our Mission: We want to arouse interest of Russian-speaking Canadians in Russian literature, history and art. We aim to build a network of Russian-speaking friends and to form a community of Russian-speaking intellectuals.

Our Vision: Our club's members follow the lead of outstanding Russian intelligentsia whose lives and works form the cultural heritage of Russia. They can fluently discuss Russian history, literature, architecture, art and music. They hone their skills in Russian learning from Russian writers, poets and critics.

What do we want? We want to

  • Broaden the sphere of interest and erudition of Russian-speaking youth of Vancouver
  • Give them a competitive edge
  • Make sure that their circle of friends include inquisitive, good-hearted and aspiring peers

What cultural legacy do we strive to pass on to our members?
In our club, youth will learn about

  • turning events in Russian and world history
  • the legacy of outstanding Russian writers, poets, composers, artists, architects and other masters of the arts

What is the preservation of Russian? To preserve Russian means to be able to

  • think, speak, write and read in Russian
  • translate texts from Russian to English and vice versa
  • use Russian sources to complete school assignments

How do we plan our meetings?

General principles. Teenagers appreciate every minute that they can spend with their friends. That is why we reserve individual work for home assignments and spend our time together in debates, intellectual games, and presentations.

Topics of study. We read books in the context of historical periods that pertain to both the time of writing and the timeline of the books' plot. At the same time, we discover major political events and development of arts in those historical periods.

How do we motivate our members? Our atmosphere of excitement and our appreciation of achievements are the main motivating factors of our meetings.

Do members gain any other benefits in addition to immersion in Russian culture? Yes, many of them. While improvement of their Russian is our main goal, we also aim to develop their social skills. In our club they will learn to negotiate, to lead, to motivate, to speak in public and to be a good friend. In short, they will learn skills that are of importance regardless of what language they speak.

What kind of youth are we looking for? We invite aspiring, motivated students who speak Russian at home and read Russian books. They should be interested in Russian culture and ready to spend at least half an hour on their homework.