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Russian Cultural Club "Erudite"



Magic Forest, 7-9

  • Fr. 6:30-8:00pm

The Erudite, 14-17

(604) 626-9903

Cambie Community Centre
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12800 Cambie Road
Richmond, B.C. V6V 0A9

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Forest School

Magic Forest's Program in 2012/2013


Originally Russian Cultural club "Erudite" was envisioned for teenagers, but in September 2010 we opened the Magic Forest program - an experimental group for children five to eight years old. The experiment has become a success, so we have decided to continue it.

The experiment involves mixing interested teenagers with youngsters, where older members assume the roles of teachers. The main goal of the experiment is to introduce the young minds to the benevolent influence of bright and studious adolescents, so that the latter can hopefully pass their enthusiasm and zeal for learning onto the next generation.

All participating teenagers are exemplary role-models. In their thirst for knowledge they go far beyond the programs available at public schools.

They fluently communicate in several languages. They take on music, sports, theatrical and art classes. At the club they have taken interest in politics, religions, world history and literature. Their after-school activities are tightly scheduled a year in advance. Club "Erudite" is very grateful to them for finding time to participate in the Magic Forest program.

Parents know that youngsters are more likely to follow the lead of their older siblings than that of adult teachers. Children and youth share a lot in common: playfulness, curiosity, the ability to feel amazed by simplest things and the belief in miracles. Watch them hold hands, invent a new game, read a fairy tale and share a laugh over it. They can relate to each other more easily and sincerely.

When it comes to learning, the true secret to success lies in motivation. In our daring experiment we hope that the teenagers will become such an inspiration for the kids.

We also hope to initiate a cultural relay, so that when today's children become teenagers themselves, they will eventually ask themselves, "Is it possible that my teachers in the Magic Forest program were as young as I am today? Should I start thinking about becoming a leader, too?"

Bring your children to our Magic Forest program and watch their intellect, social skills and Russian vocabulary grow, while they enjoy every moment of it!


The program is organized in thematic circles. Each circle is no longer than fifteen minutes long - the average attention span of children. Each circle is comprised of four children of similar age and level of Russian language. During the meeting, children rotate between circles with short intermission between them. For some activities, such as the Drama Circle, all of the children join to participate together.

Our circles include:

(1) Taleteller – reading, discussing and memorizing Russian short stories, tales and poems;

(2) World Around Us - learning about the universe and our planet, including geography, environment, climate and countries,

(3) Animate and Inanimate - learning about living species and technological creations,

(4) Crazy Scientist - conducting experiments to observe and learn various chemical and physical laws in action,

(5) Drama Circle - drama, role-playing and team-building games, Russian folk games, singing Russian songs.

All activities are planned and conducted by adults. The teenagers are helping the adults conduct the program. The language of instruction is Russian. The program is subject to change.


Our program is conducted in a Pre-school room of the Cambie Community Centre. It is a multi-zone, furnished, colorful room tailored to the needs of small children. It comes with two built-in washrooms and a private fenced playground. All furniture and washroom equipment is tailored to children's sizes. The room has a living room area, with a comfortable coach, carpet and huge floor pillows, a kitchen area, a study area and general purpose area with a big carpet. We are grateful to the managers of the Cambie Community Centre for providing the participants of our program with a safe and and beautiful facilities.